November 12th, 2009
“Suicide – Risk Factors & Aftermath”

“Above & beyond expectations, Very well done.”


” Very nice program – speaker was very easy to follow and understand.”


October 27th, 2009
“The Changing Faces of Death”

“Wonderful and necessary discussion well worth the 31/2 hour trip from upstate New York.”
“Down to earth clergy, very personable.”



August 29th, 2009
“Helping Difficult People In The Most Difficult of Times”

“Actually one of the Best 2 Hours Spent for credits”
“Very Informative- Very helpful”
“Keep up the good work”



July 28, 2009
“New York Law” Presented by Deborah H. Orecki

“Seminar was very informative”
“Informative, Deborah Orecki speaks at a great pace and knows her stuff”
“Since we all must complete law – This was a nice way to do it”


April 1st, 2009
“Not Your Grandfather’s Undertaking – Funeral Service In A New Century”
Presented by Mr. Thomas Lynch

“This was the Best, get him back again, Thanks”
” Best continuing education seminar I have ever been too. Kept my attention the entire time.”
” Everything was well done.”
” He instructed without ‘teaching’.” His combination of anecdotes and Irish wit made the presentation that much better…



November 19th, 2008
“The Gift of Sight”
Presented by The Eye Bank for Sight Restoration & Dr. David Ritterband

The presentation was excellent and we enjoyed it very much.
Dr. Ritterband is an excellent speaker
As always, a wonderful presentation keep up the good work.



November 5th, 2008
“Estate Planning – Learn The Facts”
Presented by Michael N. Connors Esq.

As Always, The Best!!!
I learned quite abit about estates, bring back Mr. Connors
Interesting info – nicely presented
Great command & presentation of all the information.
Have the knowledge of avoiding probate & Applying for medical assistance for Medicaid



September 10th, 2008
Embalming In The Real World – The Difficult Cases
Presented by John “Jack” Adams
Lesson was delivered with great understanding
If you embalm, this is a great session


April 9th, 2008
The NYC Medical Examiner Seminar

Presented by Dr. Melissa Pasquale-Styles
“I now really have faith in our NYC ME”
Very informative program
The program applies to my routine work it helps to clarify the process of certifying a death. The presenter was concise.



January 28th, 2008
The Public Administrator & Surrogates Court

Presented by Gerard Cabrera Public Administrator Kings County & Madeleine Raphael Surrogates Court Kings County
Very informative… a wealth of new information was presented at this seminar.



December 5th, 2007
Suicide – Risk factors and Aftermath

Presented by Linda Perez MS, RN, NP
“Equips us to respond to family and other survivors. I’ve taken courses on bereavement this is the most complete”
It was different than expected “EXCELLENT”
“Our instructor was extremely knowledgeable”



September 27th, 2007
Law Seminar
Presented by Deborah Orecki, Director New York State Bureau of Funeral Directing
“Very Informative”
“Learned more than I anticipated”



September 24th, 2007
The Gift of Sight Seminar

Presented by the Staff of The Eye Bank For Sight Restoration
“It was full of information and was very well presented.”
“Very Informative, Excellent Speakers.”



May 1st, 2007
Military Funerals

Presented by William Zwicharowski & Donald E. Roy
“Manner in which the topic was explained was excellent”
“The first truly professional presentation in years”
“Everyone should attend this seminar”